Pet Relocation to Angola


Pet Relocation

Quarantine is not required for pets relocating to Angola. Dogs, cats and ferrets must been accompanied by a rabies vaccination certificate showing that the pet had been vaccinated within 30 days, but not more than 6 months prior to pet relocation to Angola. Pets must also be accompanied by a export health certificate signed, stamped and dated by a licensed veterinarian in country of origin. Heartworm and regular Tick and Flea treatment is also advised before pet relocation. Limited pet food is available locally, and what is available is very expensive. An ample supply of all food and pet care items should be shipped with consumables. The mange parasite is prevalent in Angola; infection may occur if a pet comes in contact with infected animals. There are several private practice veterinarians in Luanda. No kennel facilities are available which we know of. Angola may be accepting “Pet Passports” for pet relocation soon but this needs checking out.
These are pet relocation guidelines only which are subject to change; Contact the Embassy of Angola for current Veterinary requirements for bringing pets into their country.

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  • Documentation Requirements

    Directeur General des Services Veterinaires,
    Ministry of Agriculture,
    Rua Comandante Gika – Largo
    Antonio Jacinto No. 55 – 56,
    C. P. 10578, Luanda, Angola.
    Tel; + 244 – 222 324 067 / 323 217.

    Fax; + 244 222 324 067

  • Pet Shippers

    Emirates SkyCargo,
    C/o Astra Aviation Services Cargo,
    Rua 20 Barrior Martires de Kifagondo,
    Mianga, Luanda, Angola
    Tel: +244 (0)222 324037
    Fax: +244 (0)222 320502

  • Boarding Kennels

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  • Pet Supplies

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