Pet Relocation to Brazil


Pet Relocation

The international health certificate is issued by a licensed veterinarian in country of origin ten days before departure, and must show no disease present. The certificate must also confirm that no incidence of contagious disease has been detected in the place of origin up to forty days before pet relocation. The certificate must be authenticated by the Brazilian Consulate in the animal’s place of residence before departure. A certificate of vaccination against rabies for any animal over 90 days old (obtained 30 days before entry in the case of animals vaccinated for the first time). This must be valid for at least one year. Proof of owners full name and address including state and country. Documents showing the animals name, breed, gender, size, colour, coat and any other specific markings. Failure to comply with all requirements will result in the immediate return (at the owners cost) or destruction of the animal. Quarantine facilities do not exist when importing domestic animals.The same pet relocation requirements apply to guide dogs. These are guidelines only which are subject to change. Contact the Brazilian Consulate for current requirements about bringing pets into their country.

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  • Documentation Requirements

    Diretor do Dept. de Saude Animal,
    Ministerio da Agricultura,
    Espi. Dos Ministerios Bloco D,
    Anexo A – 3 andar, Sala 301,
    70043 – 900 Brasilia DF, Brazil.
    Tel; + (61) 3218 2828.

    ( Import Permits Available from:-
    Department of Export/Import of
    The Bank of Brazil,
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.)

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    Sao Roque,
    Sao Paulo,
    Sao Paulo,
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