Pet Relocation to Canary Islands


Moving pets to the Canary Islands; All dogs and cats brought into the Canary Islands must be micro-chipped. Dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies. This must be done at least 21 days before the travel date and after the microchip has been fitted. This is because, when the vet fills in the rabies vaccination details in the documentation, he/she has to include the microchip number. You then need to take your pet to the vet’s a few days before departure for an examination to ensure it is fit to travel. On successful completion of this, the vet will issue the relevant health certificates. Please also consider the pet’s temperament as it is a stressful experience and one which some animals will not tolerate lightly. Once here there are some excellent veterinary surgeons who will take good of care of your pet and at a very much lower cost than you may have been used to in the UK. All airlines strongly recommend that no sedatives should be administered under any circumstances. The chemicals act by lowering blood pressure. The effect of these, coupled with the pressurised effect of the cargo hold, could result in fatalities. You will find that Animal Airlines will refuse to take a sedated pet. Dogs must be kept on the lead in public places.

  • Documentation Requirements

    Subdirector General
    De Sanidad Animal,
    C/ Alfonso X11, 62.
    28014 Madrid,
    Tel:/Fax; + 34-91 347 8299

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    TIBA internacional, S.A.
    Leoncio Rodriguez, 3 – 3º – 5
    City Santa Cruz de Tenerife
    S.C. de Tenerife
    Phone +34 922 206 804
    Fax +34 922 221 119

    Gran Canaria

    Terminal de Carga – Ofi. 61
    35230 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
    Phone : 902 666056


    7, Caleta Beach,
    Calle Alcalde Juan Evora Suarez,
    Costa Caleta Fuerteventura 35610,
    Canary Islands.
    Tel. +34 928 869 036

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