Pet Relocation to Cook Islands


Pet Travel; All animals must obtain an Import Permit from the Cook Islands Ministry of Agriculture before they are to be brought into the country. All Dogs imported into the Cook Islands require a Import Permit from the Police. The importation of the following breeds of dogs are prohibited: Doberman , Pitt Bull Terrier, Bull Dogs, Rottweiler , or any other breed of dog that the Police may specify from time to time. All dogs imported into the Cook Islands must be castrated or spayed. All dogs must be registered with the Police on arrival.
List of Animals Prohibited Entry into the Cook Islands
All Snakes of any species, Any venomous reptile, amphibian, fish or invertebrate,
Monkeys’ of any species ,Any Squirrel of any species ,the Red Fox or Silver Fox,
Musquash, Hamsters , Mongoose, any Coypu or Nutna, and Mink.
All Live Animals imported will ONLY BE LANDED (by air) Rarotonga International Airport. Live animal(s) without a Import Permit will be refused entry. These are guidelines only which are subject to change. Contact the Cook Island Authorities for current requirements.