Pet Relocation to Kosovo


In order to bring your pets into Kosovo you will need to meet the following requirements; First, dogs, cats and ferrets will need to be micro-chipped, then vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days, but not more than 12 months, prior to date of export, in country of origin. Pets will also require an veterinary export health certificate, signed, stamped and dated within 7 days by a licensed government veterinarian in country of origin prior to moving into Kosovo. Puppies and Kittens under 3 months of age do not require vaccinating for rabies prior to entering Kosovo but will need to be vaccinated within a month from date of arrival. Due to the many street dogs in Pristina and surrounding areas and we at PET RELOCATION ASSOCIATES advice pet owners to keep their pets on leads and well under control when walking them out. Urban areas in the tiny Balkan nation, which declared independence from Serbia in 2008, have been plagued by packs of dogs that often attack people. An infant died last year after being bitten by several dogs, sparking calls for authorities to do something.Their solution has provoked an outcry. The local council was “unwillingly forced to undertake an inhumane approach and hire a hunter’s group to kill the strays after no animal rights groups bid for a government project to shelter the dogs, Pristina spokesman Muhamet Gashi said.In response, an animal rights group has presented a petition signed by over 2,000 Pristina residents urging a stop to the slaughter.