Pet Relocation to Liberia


BRINGING PETS INTO LIBERIA; Pet must first be micro-chipped then vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days, but not more than 6 months, prior to entering the country and must be accompanied by the certificate. Pets must also be accompanied by a export health certificate, signed, stamped, and dated within 5 days prior to entering Liberia by a licensed government veterinarian in country of origin. The origin of the certificate, name and address, including country of the veterinarian, must be plainly identifiable. The certificate must be authenticated by the Department of Agriculture and then approved by the Liberian Embassy for a fee and stamped with the Liberian Government seal. If the pet is being imported from a country that does not have a Liberian Embassy and the seal cannot be obtained, then contact the Liberian Authorities. The pet’s owner should bring all drugs their pet might need, including heartworm tablets, flea control, as well as other supplies such as pet shampoo as these are not available in Liberia. Veterinary service is also extremely limited. All papers should travel with the pet. Failure to comply with these instructions may require the pet to be quarantined in Liberia. Some areas of Monrovia are infested with tsetse fly, and dogs in these areas are subject to contracting canine sleeping sickness. There is no risk to humans. Although this illness in dogs is readily treatable by a veterinarian. These are guidelines only which are subject to change. Contact the Liberian Authorities for current requirements well in advance of the pet move..