Pet Relocation to Madagascar


Pet Relocation; An import permit must be obtained before travelling from the Director of the Maritime Wealth Service of the Democratic Republic of Madagascar. The permit contains all conditions required for importation.
2. A Veterinary export health certificate issued by the official government veterinary surgeon in country of origin within 10 days prior to entering Madagascar. This certificate must provide information on the owner and a complete description of the animal; it must also state that the animal is in good health and that the place of original has not been hit by any contagious disease for the period specified in the permit.
3. As for dogs aged more than three months old and cats aged more than six months old, must be accompanied by a rabies vaccination certificate showing that the pet had been vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days, but not more than 12 months, prior to entering the country.
4. Pets will be examined on arrival and may be subject to quarantine.
These are guidelines only and are subject to change. Contact the Embassy of Madagascar for current requirements about bringing pets into their country.