Pet Relocation to Malaysia


Pet Relocation; An import permit must be obtained from the Director, State Veterinary Services, Selangor. Fill out application for Permit to Import/ Export Live Animals (Form A) Check current fee. Director , State Veterinary Department, Persiaran Barat 466630, Petaling Jaya , SELANGOR , Malaysia. Tel: (603) 5510 0368 /55510 3900 . Fax: (603) 5510 0367 Malaysia prohibits certain breeds of dogs. Animals must be accompanied by a Valid Export Health Certificate issued by a Licensed government Veterinarian in the Country of origin and an Export Permit where required.
Dogs and cats from scheduled countries ( Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Brunei and Singapore) are exempt from quarantine. All other countries –minimum of 30 days quarantine (at Port Klang or KL International Airport). All animals entering Malaysia on transit to other countries will have to have an import permit and they will be kept under Quarantine for such period. These are guidelines only which are subject to change. Contact the State Veterinary Department of Malaysia for current requirements about bringing pets into their country.