Pet Relocation to New Zealand


Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation; There are a wide variety of regulations about bringing your pets to New Zealand depending on what type of pet it is and where you are bringing it from.
In general it is possible to bring your pet cat, dog even horse to New Zealand, however, it is not possible to bring pet birds, reptiles or rodents. Pet rabbits may only be brought over if they are from Australia, from all other countries they are banned. New Zealand is trying to stop known dangerous breeds of dogs from entering the country – American Pit Bulls, Dogo Agrentino, Japanese Tosa and Brazilian Fila’s are illegal to import.
Cats and dogs from certain countries where rabies is absent or well maintained will require certification and some sort of quarantine period, usually 30 days depending from where they are coming from. Cats and dogs from South Africa require 120 days of quarantine. Depending on country where pets are coming from, dogs and cats will need to be vaccinated against rabies followed by blood test to confirm the vaccine had worked. These are guidelines for pet relocation only and subject to change. For current details contact the New Zealand Embassy for current pet relocation requirements.

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