Pet Relocation to Saudi Arabia


Pet Relocation into Saudi Arabia: All dogs, regardless of their breed, may enter Saudi Arabia if their importation documents describe them as “guard dogs” or “hunting dogs.” Cats and dogs entering Saudi Arabia require a Export Health Certificate signed, stamped and dated within 5 days by a licensed government veterinarian in country of origin and a letter from the veterinary private practitioner dated and addressed to the Director of Customs, Saudi Arabia. The certificate must indicate that the animal was examined and is free from disease, and confirm that the pet was vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days, but no more than 12 months, that all other vaccinations are current, prior to entering the kingdom. Information on the name, breed, sex, colour, and age of the animal must also be stated. Birds generally require a prior import permit issued by the Saudi National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development (N C W C D). These are guidelines only which are subject to change. Contact the Embassy of the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for current requirements about travelling with pets into their country.