Pet Relocation to Sweden


From 1 January 2012 a new set of rules will apply;
Pet Relocation; Import from within UE member states:- Dogs and cats must not be vaccinated against rabies until it is 3 months (90 days or 13 weeks) old, and it must not travel until 21 days have passed since the vaccination. Thus, you can import the animal when it is around 4 months old accompanied by a “Pet Passport”. Import from non-listed countries outside the EU; The quarantine system will be replaced by rabies vaccination in combination with rabies antibody titre control, but please observe that the time for antibody control differs from the one used previously in Sweden for pets from EU. The waiting period between vaccination and antibody titre control will instead be placed after the antibody titre control, i.e between the control and import. The quarantine demand will be replaced by the following: microchip id-marking (or tattoo applied before 3 July 2011) + rabies vaccination + rabies antibody titre control (blood for titre control may be drawn in the period from 30 days after vaccination until last date of validity for the rabies vaccination) + a further minimum 90 days wait after the date of drawing blood for rabies antibody titre control + veterinary certificate issued by an official/authorised veterinarian in country of origin. These are guidelines only which are subject to change. Contact the Embassy of Sweden for current requirements about bringing pets from your country into Sweden.